Area & Oriental Rugs

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Area & Oriental Rugs

They can add nicely to the decor of any room, area rugs tend to get a lot of foot traffic. It is an unavoidable truth, as their place is usually in a well-visited room or hallway. Prevent unnecessary replacement of expensive decor by calling Excel Chem-Dry in Yorba Linda CA to see how we can turn a precious floor covering into a prized work of art! Our products and service are not only effective but also top of the line to be able to provide your home with the royal treatment it deserves.

The focus of any room tends to be a main statement piece, including a rug or decorative floor covering. Your area rug could the most noticed piece of art in the room, so you want it to look its best. Excel Chem-Dry offers a variety of products and services that help to prevent dark splotches from heavy foot traffic, as well as most clean up spills and stains. Keep your home looking fresh! 

Area rugs need to be cleaned just as often as your carpets, we recommend every 12-18 months. An area rug can hold bacteria and grime that spreads through the rug fibers, making it unsafe for children or pets to crawl and play. Call today to speak with an Exel Chem-Dry representative that can explain our process and how to get the best clean for your home.

Having a clean home is a must. Trust the Excel Chem-Dry technicians to deliver prime results that not only keep your home clean and fresh, but are more efficient and affordable to the Yorba Linda CA area! Our services help you with your contribution to a clean environment by keeping your home free of toxins and dirty floors. Call today and hear just how we can best serve you!