Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Orange Park Acres CA


Excel Chem-Dry  has proven time and again to be at the top of the list for excellent carpet cleaning in Orange Park Acres CA. For those who haven’t had your carpets cleaned by professionals, right now is the perfect time! Excel Chem-Dry offers quality, affordable carpet care in Orange Park Acres CA; we treat your carpets like we would our very own!

Our methods leave your carpets 
dry and clean in a mere 1-2 hours, which is record time compared to our competitors that will leave your  home out of commission for 1-2 days! Competitors will try to convince you that dumping tons of water into your carpets is the answer to getting a deep carpet cleaning, but we all know better. Those methods actually deposit lots of sticky residue that won’t come up with their harsh suction, and you are then stuck with nasty, sticky  carpets!

Our technicians are certified to efficiently clean your carpets
 along with our patented carbonated cleaning solution. Microscopic cleansing bubbles penetrate deep down into your carpet fibers to get rid of dirt and grime. Working similar to club soda on the stained shirt, our cleaning solutions presented by our expert technicians get it done right, and work quickly to take out stains and dirt spots. 

Your search is over to get a green carpet cleaning solution that really works. Excel Chem-Dry is excited about providing your home and family with the safe product that is non-toxic to the environment. Our carpet cleaning solutions are completely non-toxic and are healthy for your carpets at the same time! With affordable, quick, and efficient services, it’s a no-brainer we have your best interests in mind. This is why Chem-Dry of Southern Beaufort is devoted to being a completely green company!